Conservatory Awnings

Conservatories, glass roofs and roof windows need appropriate shading. The AIROMATIC, TARGA, and ARCADA are designed precisely for these places. These awnings can be fitted in all positions from vertical to horizontal. Conservatory Awnings are equipped with an electronic motor, allowing for optimal stretching of fabric and easy storage in a protective aluminum box.

An exterior sun shade for conservatories, glass roofs and skylights. Ideal for small and medium-sized areas. Easy installation, even for complex sub-structures.

The TARGA is an outside sun protecting system for glass roofing, conservatories, or glazed façades. The Stobag advanced "gas-spring mechanism" ensures constant tensioning of the fabric.

An awning specially developed for shading both the roof and walls of glass lean-tos and conservatories. Also acts as a screen. Guide tracks can include one or more bends.


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