Free-Standing awnings

Free-Standing awnings are very versatile and can be used in the hospitality trade, residential homes, market stalls and festive events. The construction is portable - assembly and disassembly are possible in the shortest time. There are no inconvenient centre supports, allowing full utilisation of the space underneath the awning. They can be operated by a handle or motor. The fabric and folding arms are perfectly protected by the all-round sealed boxes against the weather when rolled up.

The OMBRAMOBIL is a free-standing double awning, providing a large shaded area and protection from light rain. When opening the awning, both pairs of folding arms are simultaneously activated.

The BOXMOBIL is a free-standing awning, assembled with two box awnings and a steel structure. This simple solution is perfect for large open spaces such as for events, swimming pools or restaurants.



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